She's Making Moves
as a mother

Strategies on how you can make “Mommy-hood” simpler and even more enjoyable.

She's making Moves
as an entrepreneur!

Stories and Interviews featuring every day mothers living in the DMV...who share their step by step strategy on how they make additional income through a side hustle or full time business.

Step By Step

Learn from Mother’s who are Making Moves in their homes and in business! Enjoy life changing tips to meal planning, creating “me time” and making additional income.

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as an entrepreneur

For Mothers who want to launch a business, but don't know the first step!

I know what it’s like to have desire in your heart to start a business. I know what it’s like to wonder how you could ever pursue it, because of the many responsibilities as a mother. I also know how clueless you can feel about knowing the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd step to even start your journey, not to mention the money you may need to invest! Sound familiar? I have been there! 

She’s Making Moves is about women like YOU! Women who are devoted to their families, faith, and continue to hold on to their entrepreneurial dream. Women who have a desire to create their own paths all in the pursuit of happiness.

She’s Making Moves will inspire you to live out your dreams! Whether you’re entrenched in the workforce or managing the work in your home, She’s Making Moves will give you the tools you need to create the wealth and future you desire.

At She’s Making Moves, be prepared to meet women just like YOU as they share their stories, and step-by-step plan on how they launched their business. Every day women are already making moves as an extraordinary mother! Now, do something for yourself and create and launch your business!  Let’s make moves together!

Our Story

Shaunese Alexander

I am a wife, a mother, an entrepreneur, and has worked as a professional marketing consultant. While all of these titles have filled my soul, I have always believed that I could be more. I could be more and do more, for the women in my life who continue to evolve and are always dreaming of bigger things. My passion to do more led to the creation of She's Making Moves. Through She's Making Moves, I am able to encourage women, more specifically, mothers, to follow what God has in store for them.

Christina Thomas

Having been exposed to an entrepreneurial family, I developed an interest in owning a business at very young age. My Grandfather started a business that allowed my father and other family members to learn a trade and have a level of flexibility that others didn’t have. I currently work for a consulting firm, but I have started several businesses and have assisted others in the development of their businesses in the past. I truly enjoy research and providing valuable information to assist others. I also continue to have the passion to own my own business and to get a side hustle going. I’m so excited to use my business experience and general thirst of knowledge to assist other women along the journey to successful entrepreneurship

She's Making Moves

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Do you have one of the most important positions in the world, being a mom and have a side hustle or business and can offer tips to other moms on how to get started with their business idea? Or, can you offer tips to make moms lives easier? Maybe, you just have a question for us? We are excited to hear from you! Email us at: