In One Week, Montoya Silver Remodeled and Launched Textures, a Hair Salon in Odenton, MD, Celebrating All Hair Types!

Passion is something that licensed cosmetologist, Montoya Silver couldn’t avoid. It’s that thing that seems to follow us no matter how far we go or how much we pretend that something else can bring us true fulfillment. For Silver, her passion trailed her from executing a flawless relaxer for her 8th grade friend to becoming CEO of Textures, LLC. 

Her desire to give to women in a way to help them feel more beautiful from the outside in was the driving force behind her decision to leave the corporate world in 2012 to become her own boss. Working as a financial aid counselor, she knew that hair was the thing for her that she had to pursue. Her story is about much more than flawless hair, but also women in pursuit of true happiness. 

Garnering a well-rounded foundation for hair care and styling, Montoya received her license from Aspen Beauty Academy and additional training through Paul Mitchell and Graham Webb. She also studied Public Relations at Bowie State University and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from the University of Maryland University College. As a hair care professional her goal is to execute the client’s vision flawlessly with attention to detail and a wealth of knowledge on technique and trends on properly maintaining textured hair. It’s that personal connection that sets her business apart and creates a comfortable atmosphere that keeps women coming back. 

“I love my clients like crazy. They’re like my family.” Montoya explains.

Her dedication to clients is a huge part of maintaining a busy schedule that includes being both the boss and the employee. Though the balance is tough, she still finds the time to work and move her business forward. Which resulted in her opening Textures in April of 2018, located in Odenton, Maryland, a full-service salon.

For the customer looking for both experience and a dedication to healthy hair care, there is no other choice. With zeal and passion for the creativity of hair maintenance and styling, Montoya Silver has settled into her own which includes helping women find freedom and confidence in their ability to look and feel good when they walk out of her salon.

Montoya decided to launch a hair salon because it was a major career goal of hers. She worked for multiple salons and none of which focused on textured hair. If they did, they did not provide the level of quality service that she thought was necessary. After giving it much thought, it took her about a year and a half to open her salon. Like most entrepreneurs, she faced several challenges. Her loan process was a major obstacle. Her loan was approved, but took longer than expected. This became a valuable lesson for Montoya. She quickly learned that some things are just out of her hands, and that she had to be patiently go through the process. Finding time was also a challenge! Montoya purchased a salon that was already established. However, she still had to remodel it and had to have it ready in only one week. In addition, during the one week remodeling phase, she was still providing hair services at her single hair studio because she was dedicated enough to settle her lease. She took a bold move and overcame this by simply asking for help. Something that is difficult for most mothers and mompreneurs. She asked everyone in her family and close friends. They came out and helped her every step of the way. She added that they worked long nights for 10 days straight and got it done.

Textures is a very unique hair salon. What distinguishes them from other salons is the stylists knowledge and skill set on all textured hair, their amazing customer service, and teamwork that is recognized and admired by their clients. 

The one thing that keeps Montoya encouraged is her reason why. “This is my passion which gets me to the salon every day. What keeps me there is the stylists that I’m helping to develop, the smile on our clients faces, and my two girls that always let me know that they are proud of me.” 

If you are interested in launching a hair salon, Montoya encourage you to follow these steps:

  1. Get the proper education. Going to an accredited hair school or doing an apprenticeship with a Senior Cosmetologist that is willing to invest in you. Which in turn will let to you become licensed. 
  2. Once licensed, get into a salon that is going to help develop you into the stylist your desire to be. 
  3. Build a strong clientele that believes in you and your talent. 
  4. Educate yourself about what it looks like and it takes to open up a successful salon. Do your research, get a business mentor and take your time. 
  5. Create a solid plan (A written business plan!) that has room for improvement. This journey is not perfect and don’t expect it to be. Having a solid plan will be your road map. Follow it and take detours when necessary. 

For more information about Montoya, or Textures, visit:

Facebook: Textures LLC

Instagram: Textures_llc

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