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Shaunese Alexander is a blessed wife and mother of 4. She has worked as a homemaker, professional marketing consultant and business owner. Although she has enjoyed her accomplishments in each of these areas, for a long time she felt like something was missing. For most of her life, she has been intrigued by powerful people, especially women, and even more specifically, mothers, who have surmounted great obstacles in order to achieve their heartfelt dreams. Shaunese had a deep, and passionate desire to create a platform to tell the stories of their success as a mother and business owner. Shaunese is set to launch She’s Making Moves blog late April, 2019.

About She’s Making Moves

She’s Making Moves is a blog created for mothers who have a desire to create additional income through a business or side hustle. What sets She’s Making Moves apart from other blogs with a similar mission is that most stories will offer a step by step plan on how to get started on various businesses with the hope to inspire mothers to get started and launch their dream business or goal! The business owner will also have the opportunity to gain exposure. The monthly blog will feature mothers who are already “making moves” and have created additional income. It’s similar to having a personal business coach by giving a plan and encouragement. But, She’s Making Moves will not only create a platform for business owners, but also give a voice to mothers who don’t get the credit as they should for the daily extensive tasks moms complete in the home. Not only are they making moves and business, but they have always and still are making moves in their homes. “I truly believe that mothers are the real MVP’s, whether you are a business owner or not! Taking care of the home comes with major tasks, it’s similar to running a business. The blog will also features stories that will provide strategies on how mothers can make “mommy-hood” simpler and even more enjoyable. Stories will provide life changing tips such as meal planning, creating “me time,” and easier ways to handle those daunting piles of laundry. She’s Making Moves blog will launch late April, 2019.

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