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Cassandra Diaz has a side hustle work life that would leave some breathless. She’s a mobile spa service owner and mother of four children with one who is now very dependent due to a sporting injury. When most would use this as a stumbling block and not pursue their dreams, Cassandra chose to use this as fuel to start as a business owner. Here’s how she made her move:

Q: Describe your business and the service you offer?

A: I am a mobile spa service provider. I travel to the comfort of your home and offer various massage and facial services.

Q: Why did you decide to start?

A: Before branching out on my own, I was contracting with various companies. I was the top requested massage therapist.  Although, I was in demand I felt I wasn’t receiving the salary that I deserved! The companies would take a 25% cut each time they sent me a client. I started feeling unappreciative. It was at this time that my daughter had a major injury playing high school softball. She became very ill and was very dependent on me. In addition, she had multiple doctor appointments weekly. I was unable to travel a certain distance because I had to be near my daughter if I needed to come to her aid. It was at this time that I began to think about the undercutting that I was receiving from the contracting companies. I already had an established clientele base that was developed while contracting. My clients were paying an additional 25% to the companies for my service. I figured they would pay me the same if I were on my own. So, I decided to take a leap of faith and start my own mobile spa service.

Q: How much are the start up costs?

A: About $2000 for all materials and equipment. The materials can last a long time. It’s all about choosing the right products. For instance, using different oils is a benefit because you don’t have to use much to get great results.

Q: I know this is a part time side hustle for you. How many hours per week on average do you travel to service clients, and how much income do you generate.

A: About 6 hours, generating $400-$500 per week.

Q: What would you tell the mothers that feel they don’t have the time to start a part time hustle?

A: I believe all mothers have it in them to start some type of hustle. We all love our children and would do everything for them. But, even a mother needs a break from being a mother sometimes. Starting something that they could call their own could create a lot of sanity!

Q: What would be your five step plan to start a mobile spa service?

A:  Step 1: Determine your specific interests and go to school to get licensed. It could take a minimum of four months.

     Step 2: Get experience in different settings (spa, homes, trade shows, etc.)

     Step 3: Develop a system to follow each time you service a client (scheduling an appointment, confirming appointment, method of payment, arrival time, educating them through the process prior to starting, etc.)

     Step 4: Network and service the clients that you gain…even if it’s minimal and always ask for referrals.

     Step 5: Maintain relationships. Prepare for change for peak and off peak times, and have the ability to be flexible. Be consistent with your plan.

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