Shaney Viejndranath Is Looking to Empower Moms Through Her Recently Launched Start Up, MomSays

Shaney Vijendranth is a wife and mom of three. She understood how overwhelming it could be as a first time mom and trying to figure out the right products for your baby could be a major challenge. Her solution was launched. MomSays, a new website that moms use as a resource when looking for unbiased, trusted advice from other moms regarding the best product solutions for their families. 

Shaney Vijendranath has previous experience running her own business. She started a small business when she was in school where she sold personalized greeting cards to classmates.

Other reasons that she wanted to start her own business, she said, “I’ve always had the entrepreneur mindset. Coming from a home with a single mom who worked extremely hard to make sure I was educated, it inspired me to build something that could one day help other women achieve something.”

Although she has launched her startup, she is looking to the future and has many goals that she wanted to achieve. In the next five years she plans on expanding to Africa and then taking it into the international market.

She also wants to start her own accelerator program to help Mompreneurs in Africa acquire funding, connect them with the right networks and teach them the tools they need to build a successful brand while raising babies.

Vijendranath is also looking to become an investor but only in female own businesses. She believes that it is important to empower women especially in the field of entrepreneurship. She also believes that having a tribe of women that motivates and encourages you is so important. “We need to let go of the hate and jealously and think about how we can work together.

When asked about who inspires her she said, “Honestly, I don’t have to look very far. The women I’m surrounded by every single day inspires me. My mom does and my husband.”

For more information about MomSays, visit her website at:


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