Single Mom Overcomes Abuse, Now Helps Women Experience Life Again

Veronica Burnett is a Speaker & Advocate for Healthy Relationships and the creator of the Better Days Conference.  She is a certified dressmaker and loves all things fashionable. In addition to being a dressmaker, she is also a Financial Services Specialist with The Agency at National Harbor.  She believes that healthy relationships of all kinds are important to live a balanced life. She also believes that having multiple streams of income and entrepreneurship are two important keys to financial freedom.  

After experiencing domestic violence in different relationships throughout her life, Veronica chose to fight back, change paths and embrace her new normalcy; the life of a survivor.  She didn’t stop with her own life recovery, she chose to follow God’s instructions for her to share her story with others. She knew that if she was experiencing life, then others were too.  She chose to reach back and help other women who have experienced traumatic life events and are ready to begin living again.

Veronica is the proud mother of an awesome and amazing little girl who is her best gift ever.

Her mission in life is to Educate, Empower and Encourage others to live their best lives, TODAY. She helps women get out of dead end cycles, no matter what life experience they have encountered!

Veronica believe that having multiple income streams is a must. In fact, she has several side hustles that help her to fund Better Days Conference! She uses one of her gifts, a dress maker, to bring in additional income and that is just one of her side hustles. As a single mother, it’s a challenge to run a business without the additional parent to help with caring for her daughter. One way that has made being a single mom as an entrepreneur a little more comforting for Veronica is by embracing her village. There are some family members and friends who know her passion and mission for her business. They believe in her, and therefore, chose to help care for her daughter when it is needed most.

We asked Veronica what does it take to launch successful conferences, here’s the step by step plan to make your move:

1. Get over the fear of being judged and share your story! Veronica’s belief is that you have gone through your experience to help someone else. So, if you have fear, do it anyway. Push through it!)

2. Find a mentor! Gain insight from a person who is walking the path that you are about to embark on! If you can’t gain one on one access to them, stay connected in a way that you could follow their journey!

3. Educate and learn the craft! Attend similar conferences and seminars to get ideas on how to develop yours. (Starting out, seek local seminars that meet your budget. Some are free! Take advantage of it and gain as much knowledge as possible) 

4. Start small! Reach out to local churches, non profits, other seminars that may have a similar focus and ask if you could share your story and create your following.

5. Once you have developed your following, begin to contact venues that is within your budget and begin to host your conferences! Share your first conference with your developed following. If you have only a few that can attend, stay encouraged it gets better if you stay consistent with your plan and keep the faith!

To learn more about Veronica Burnett and Better Days Conference, visit:


Facebook: VeronicaBSpeaks

Instagram: Veronica_Burnett

“In this type of business, when you are passionate about encouraging people, you will be fulfilled!” 

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