After she was let go from her 9-5, Cynthia Lopez Dixon transferred her skills and launched CYNASSISTS, a Professional Virtual Administrative Firm!

Cynthia Dixon is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of CYNASSISTS™, a professional virtual administrative firm that provides support to C-suite executives, entrepreneurs, and administrative professionals. Through professional development training, the firm has significantly bolstered and accelerated productivity and efficiency of administrative staff within large corporations, government agencies, staffing agencies entrepreneurial start-ups and affiliate organizations. As founder and CEO of CYNASSISTS™, Mrs. Dixon combines her first-hand knowledge of entrepreneurship with more than 17 years of experience as an Executive Assistant, to create successful systems that allow entrepreneurs to concentrate on their forefront and increase their bottom line. Before entrepreneurship, Mrs. Dixon spent her career supporting Top Tier Executives and CIO’s of Fortune 500 companies. Craving to be in charge of her own destiny after the birth of her middle son, and armed with the clarity, turned principle, that entrepreneurs can ascend in their success with the right person supporting their vision, she left corporate America and launched, CYNASSISTS, LLC™ in 2014. Beyond the standard expectations of admin support, Cynthia is passionate about delivering premier service and supporting C- Suite Executives & Entrepreneurs in a way that provides more flexibility and family time. She takes pride in maximizing the work/life balance of C-Suite Executives and Entrepreneurs by creating successful systems that streamline their companies and affords business owners the opportunities to concentrate on their forefront and increase their bottom line. “No one should have to do it all by themselves, when they have someone qualified to assist,” is her mantra. Her firm also provides social media and website management services to small to mid-sized businesses. Mrs. Dixon’s love of assisting the world grew to include training and coaching administrative assistants and entrepreneurs, as well as becoming a certified Reiki Master Teacher of the Usui System of Reiki. She is also a long time member of the International Virtual Assistants Association (IVAA), a non- profit organization dedicated to the professional education and development of the Virtual Assistance profession. Ms. Dixon is also co-author of the No More Chains book anthology, a compilation of eleven soul stirring stories of succeeding against all odds, as told by women who did. She is also a partner in Elevate 365, a digital multi-platform media outlet whose signature radio program is Zakiya Larry Live! Mrs. Dixon is a native New Yorker and currently resides in Maryland. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Langston University, and believes in the transformative power of service, starting with CYNASSISTS™.

A month after the birth of her middle son, she was informed that her assistance was no longer needed as they were moving to a smaller office.  Yes, she was let go while on maternity leave. Cynthia was devastated, heartbroken and felt like her life crumbled to pieces. But, because she’s a faithful person, she knew God did not make mistakes with her life, so she stood still.  She reminded herself of the requests that she had placed out in to the Universe. “God knew I needed to obtain more flexibility in my schedule and balance family time, especially with two boys, (at the time I now have 3), and be in charge of my own destiny, not to mention the commute killed my soul, and because I believed in the power of service, I took my invaluable experience of providing support to top executives and I gave life to CYNASSISTS, this time, on my terms and for my choosing. Instead of walking into the office and being told who I was going to support, I chose.”

Cynthia has been an Executive Assistant for over 17+ plus years where she began as an admin at the local emergency room, while attending Langston University in Oklahoma. Since then, she’s managed front desks, became an office manager and even supported the President of the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Foundation, here in DC, their Board Directors from all across the US, the entire Foundation team and their affiliates.  

Cynthia took pride in that because she was a Latina assisting powerful Latino business owners and dreamed one day she would be in their shoes. But it was not until she worked for Microsoft where she truly found her passion for supporting top executives and their teams. She provided support up to 6 VP’s at a time, some local, bi-coastal, and abroad from their DC office or from her home office. Her manager was local, but the rest of the VP’s she supported were in Seattle. She assisted with internal and external meetings, managed calendars, emails, catering, training, travel logistics, finance and procurement. You name it, Cynthia did it. She was the “go to” person even if she didn’t support their team. Once her group transitioned out of Microsoft and into another organization, she became the Executive Assistant/ Facilities Manager/and Office Manager all at one time. Cynthia had the same responsibilities, plus more. She coordinated their move, Managed relationships with Vendors and Property managers, event planning, budget planning, maintained a working relationship between the service vender and the organization. She was fully invested. “It’s who I AM,” says Cynthia.

Cynthia says that the support of her husband and the lives and businesses she’s changing with her service gives her drive, along with freedom to be with her family and to watch her one year old grow up right before her eyes, like she’s done with his brother’s.

The most challenging obstacle Cynthia says she had to overcome was getting consistent clients in the beginning. “I had to be confident in what I was doing and the value I brought to the table. If you are not rooting for you, how will another? When you are an entrepreneur, you are everything and you have to know who your client is. Marketing is included, either you are going to do it yourself or someone will need to do it for you. I overcame those obstacles by making sure I knew who my client was, so I invested in a business coach.”

Cynthia also wants to remind others to love what you do, because it will show through your business.

 If someone, specifically a mother, who is interested in launching a similar business, what will be the first 5 steps you would offer them to get started? 

  1. Know the services that you want to offer.
  2. Be knowledgeable about the services that you are going to offer.
  3. Identify your avatar (know your exact target market). If you know who your market is, you could speak directly to them.
  4. Only partner with like-minded people. Make sure you believe in their vision so you could totally support them.
  5. Invest in a business coach to lead you on the right path for success.

For more information about Cynassists, or to contact Cynthia visit:

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