How An Unknown Electrical Issue In Rob Goodwins Home Gave Him Fuel To Launch DMV Home Inspections Inc.





Rob Goodwin is known as a goal oriented, diligent, and ambitious man. He is a respected husband and proud father of 3 children. With a heart to serve and protect his community, he has served as a fire fighter for DCFD for 15 years.

About 3 years ago, Rob and his wife, Carla Goodwin settled on their new beautifully built home. With high expectations of little to no construction issues, Rob soon found himself disappointed. There was an electrical issue in one of his bedrooms that no one could fix. Multiple electricians, including one who installed it could not rectify the problem.  With determination to fix it, Rob took to YouTube for basic step by step guidance. He was able to fix the electrical problem, and it was this experience that gave Rob Goodwin fuel to launch DMV Home Inspections Inc.

Now celebrating 2 years, as founder and owner of DMV Home Inspections Inc, he provides a general home inspection that covers all the major components of the house, from the roof to the foundation. He inspect the electrical, plumbing, siding, roof covering, gutters, gas, foundation, installed appliances, doors, windows, railings, interiors, exterior, and land grading. His company also provides Wood Destroying Organism inspections in most locations. Adding to the list, he would offer a Radon Gas inspection later this year.

 As a professional firefighter for DCFD, he continues to gain additional knowledge as he run related issues dealing with electrical malfunctions to gas leaks and carbon monoxide emergencies. He also credits his knowledge to his father who worked as a contractor; Rob worked with him a lot as a child.

Rob says “seeing my wife and kids smile is all I need to keep him motivated and encouraged.” When he arrives home from work, he’s greeted with a huge warm welcome from the kids, “like I’ve been gone for a month!” He describes his wife, Carla as being his rock! She has been his biggest supporter he had his entire adult life. “Her energy is motivation, even on the days that I don’t feel like doing nothing.”

Rob provided the necessary steps below to start a home inspection company:

  1. Go on line and research this field
  2. Find a mentor who is thriving in this field and ask to work alongside them (this will help you make a decision on moving forward with a business)
  3. Research building construction and envelops that make up a home (roofing, plumbing, electrical, etc.)
  4. Learn the terminology
  5. Teach your friends and family about your findings and begin practicing for new home buyers (getting accustomed to speaking in front of others will place you ahead.
  6. Log onto, and look up the requirements for each state (Follow the program as stated).

If you have questions about DMV Home Inspections Inc., please call Rob Goodwin directly at:


Or, email:

Visit him on Instagram at: dmv_homeinspections_inc



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