How the Birth and Transition to Heaven of Her Infant Daughter Fueled Janelle Johnson to Launch a Massage Practice



Janelle L. Johnson is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Founder of Crown to Sole Wellness located in Clinton, Maryland where the motto is “Healing the Whole You.”  A massage with Crown to Sole Wellness is more than “just a massage.”  It is a sacred ritual and movement of energy which allows clients to purge that which is no longer beneficial to them.  Oftentimes we become accustomed to the aches and pain in our body. Ms. Johnson aims to show her clients that pain does not have to be a normal part of our everyday lives. 

Ms. Johnson is also an Independently Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Maryland and the District of Columbia.  Her professional career as a Social Worker began in 2001 when she was employed with the Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center in Baltimore, Maryland.  Her journey has taken her to a variety of places where she has been able to hone her clinical skills with many populations.  She has worked with individuals and families suffering from disorders such as major depression, anxiety, substance abuse, post-traumatic stress disorder, schizophrenia and ADHD.  Ms. Johnson is a full-time entrepreneur in her capacity as a Massage Therapist.  Ms. Johnson has also been blessed to be able to continue to operate in her gift as a Social Worker by providing mental health therapy as an independent contractor.  Emotions can hide in many places within the body.  Ms. Johnson’s knowledge and unique combination of certifications allows her to operate from the best of both worlds.   

On August 23, 2018, Ms. Johnson experienced the birth and transition of her infant daughter, Jayshauna Lyric.  This difficult experience had the potential to take her out, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Ms. Johnson’s faith in God and the support of her husband were the key components to keeping her “in the game.”  Given her faith, she knew that there must be a purpose behind this pain.  She made a promise to her daughter that her life, although brief, would not be in vain.  She has dedicated her life to helping others heal.  The loss of a child is a pain that no parent should ever experience.  Ms. Johnson is committed to helping parents find their way back from the unimaginable grief.  Her massage practice is dedicated to and fueled by her love for her daughter.  Ms. Johnson is skilled in working with women who are experiencing fertility challenges.  She is living proof that you CAN be whole again. 

Ms. Johnson is a wife and step-mother to two beautiful little girls.  She is well known for her infectious laugh, off-the-wall observations and overall great sense of humor.  She possesses a special ability in that she can find humor in ALL situations.  Ms. Johnson combines her many years of clinical expertise in mental health with her vast knowledge of massage therapy techniques to produce a therapeutic, healing environment where clients can journey towards a place of wholeness.  Being in-tune with and able to intuitively respond to the physical and emotional aspects of daily life that cause pain within the body, has earned Ms. Johnson the title of “The Bodywork Whisperer.”   

Initially Janelle decided to explore massage therapy strictly to earn additional income. In 2011, she enrolled in the massage program at the College of Southern Maryland on a part time basis. During her second semester, she was involved in a car accident that left her car totaled and under doctor’s orders. She ended up withdrawing from school.

Janelle continued to feel the urge of going back to school for massage therapy, but wasn’t sure how things will play out. But, in August 2017, everything lined up for her to attend Cortiva Institute’s evening program. This time, massage began to take on a different meaning. It was no longer about earning extra money. It was about helping others heal.

Although Janelle had intended on offering her massage therapy on a part time basis, she says “when God has greater for you, it can’t be stopped. There were a series of what I refer to as “divine directives” that occurred and pushed me to become a full time entrepreneur. Like many entrepreneurs, she was scared. But she took the advise of a wise woman, Andrea T. Martin who encouraged her to “do it afraid!” So, that’s what she did. She officially opened the doors of her suite on April 1st, 2019. “I’m still scared, as she laughs, but she knows that those “divine directives” continues to flow.

Crown to Sole Wellness isn’t classified as a spa business. It is more of a holistic wellness space where the connection between mind, body and spirit are explored. Janelle’s motto for her business is “Healing the Whole You” and she strives to execute that! She serves all of her clients the way she would like to be served. Some of her services include Custom Aromatherapy Massages, “The Crown” Face and Scalp Massage, “The Sole” Foot Massage, Therapy using hot stones, 30 minute maintenance massages, extended 90 minute massages, 2 hour massages, and more. She is currently developing some innovative services that will further enhance the client experience. In addition, she will be officially adding fertility and womb services to the menu in 2020 and the energy work of Reiki will also be available in 2020.

When asked how the birth and transition of her daughter, Jayshauna encouraged her not to give up, this was her response: “My faith in God is unshakeable, so I knew that I would not have been given THIS kind of pain without a purpose attached.” Just prior to leaving Jayshauna at the hospital, I held her and promised her that I would make her proud and spend the rest of my days making sure her brief life was not in vein. So many women reached out to me sharing their own stories of infant death as well as miscarriages and fertility. It didn’t make me feel good per say, but was comforting to not feel alone.”

For mothers who are faced with the same or similar experience,  and is having a challenge moving forward with starting their business or accomplishing a major goal, Janelle could definitely relate and she understand the challenge. She recommends focusing on taking the time to heal. If needed, see a mental health therapist. She says it’s important not to push the loss to the side. “That is when dysfunction thrives.” In fact, Janelle speaks her daughter’s name all of the time. She’s open about her fertility challenges since delivering her daughter. “Embrace it. You are MUCH stronger than any struggles that come your way.”

  If you are interested in starting a massage therapy business, Janelle recommends that you take these first five steps to get started (after taking the necessary courses):

  1. Establish the business structure.
  2. Identify where you will conduct your business (home, renting an office, mobile, etc).
  3. Create logo, flyers, set up social media for marketing/website
  4. Identify your target audience.
  5. Get started!

To learn more about Janelle Johnson and Crown to Sole Wellness, visit her Facebook page: Crown to Sole Wellness

Instagram: @crowntosolewellness


To schedule a massage service, send Janelle a message via facebook messenger or email: Or, call her directly at 240-343-1977.

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