How The Loss of Her Government Job Pushed Virginia Brailsford to Launch Unique Gift Baskets by Jenny!






Virginia Brailsford is an entrepreneur, founder, and owner of Unique Gift Baskets by Jenny. She is also a wife and a mother who is compassionate and is purposed to encourage other women, mothers, and wives who are struggling to overcome the traumas of life. She has spoken in both Africa and the United States, wherever God leads her.

As a business owner, Virginia started her business four years ago on a shoe string budget after losing her federal government job 4 months after receiving her bachelor’s degree. She was devasted!  While unemployed, she thought about what she could do. Then, she remembered the business plan she wrote for creating gift baskets while attending Trinity University of Washington. It was then that she put her plan into action. She had no idea that the hard work she used to create the business plan was going to pay off in a major way. Each basket is one of a kind, hand-made, tailored and customized with the recipients in mind. They are created with love and passion. These baskets are for all occasions. However, her belief in self care has made a special place in her heart when creating health & wellness, and spa/relaxation baskets for both men and women.  In addition, she receives several requests for occasions such as,  anniversaries, baby showers, wedding showers, graduations, Valentine’sDay, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, sympathy, get well, inspiration, and mediation. In addition to gift baskets she also creates beautiful door wreaths and centerpieces. Since starting the business, she has received numerous thank you notes and compliments on her baskets. Some have even said that the basket were too beautiful to open. She takes pride in each and every basket she makes.

Prior to attending Trinity University of Washington, Virginia sold Mary Kay products for 13 years. During holidays such as Mother’s Day and Christmas, most of the consultants made gift sets to promote their business and to increase sales. She enjoyed making the gift sets and the money was good too. While unemployed, she received a severance package. Along with severace pay and the money that was previously used for transportation and lunch, she used to buy baskets. Making the most out of the money she had, she started out purchasing most of her baskets from thrift stores. These were no ordinary baskets. She carefully selected the baskets and made sure they were of high quality to match elegant taste.

At the beginning, one of her challenges was convincing herself that she had truly found her niche and what she created looked beautiful, and if people would purchase them. But the biggest challenge was asking for the sale. After selling the baskets and knew the customer was pleased, she would undersell, still feeling that it was not good enough to get the money that she deserved. But as her business grew, so did her confidence. She knows that her work is worth the investment! Her best accomplishment was receiving a large order of ten baskets from one person. But each time she creates a basket, she feels it’s an accomplishment because of the adoration and appreciation her clients feel when they receive their “one of a kind” basket. Her motto is to, “Make Someone Smile.” She believes in making people smile and bringing joy to others. When Virginia receives a request for a one of kind basket, she ask her clients several questions to assure that she create exactly what they are looking for. Virginia’s hard work and dedication has paid off tremendously. She receives requests to display her baskets at various conferences and at an annual church conference.Virginia attributes her success to listening to what her clients love and creating products around what they desire!

If you are interested in starting a custom basket company, here are 5 steps that Virginia recommends:

1.Prepare a variety of 5-10 baskets to find your niche. (Fruit, home warming, etc…)

2. Showcase your      baskets to learn what customers like the most.

3. Decide who your clients are.

4. Determine who your suppliers would be.

5. Register your business, register for a Tax ID number, and open business account.

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