How This Mom is Able to Devote Quality Time with Her Family, Even After Launching a Successful Full Time Health and Wellness Business!

Rochelle T. Parks is a wife of 25 years, mother of three, and retired active duty military officer who has a sincere passion for Health and Wellness.  Outside of her role as Wife and Mother, she spends a great deal of her time transforming lives through health coaching, facilitating biblical weight loss and nutrition classes at her church and impacting others through personal training.  Rochelle can be seen daily on social media platforms as she educates, inspires, and motivates the masses to “stay ready.”  She is widely known for her “truth in love” motivational videos where she not only tells us what to do, but she also shows us how to do it.  Her most recent accomplishment is having her book, “The Priority Has to Be You…Ten Keys to Achieving Optimal Health,” became an Amazon Best Seller.  Rochelle and her husband, Michael made the decision over nine years ago to change the trajectory of their family’s future.  Ultimately, their goal is to leave a legacy of “good health” for generations to come.  They reside in the Washington, DC metropolitan area with their three children, Austin, Mickelle and Gabrielle.  Rochelle is a certified Health Coach and Personal Trainer with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN).

Rochelle always thought she would go to medical school to become a physician. But, after learning more and more about the lifestyle of a physician she realized becoming one was not for her. Rochelle has always had a passion for health and wellness. While serving in the Army Guard she would be the “go to” person for health and fitness questions. She felt fulfilled helping them. However, she felt like God wanted her to do more outside of the uniform!

She started her entrepreneurial journey in 2010.  For 2 ½ years she offered free classes at her church one day per week. It created a huge following. In 2012, she launched Roctrepar. Through her business, Rochelle makes an impact in the lives of others through Health Coaching, facilitating weight loss, nutritional classes, as well as, transforming lives through personal training.

Mothers who also have a business could definitely learn from Rochelle on how she determines her schedule. She structures her business around her family, instead of her family around her business. She trains the same two days per week, with an occasional additional day. Now, her plan is to go virtual which will allow her to reach more people and have the ability to devote more time to her family, since there will be less travel. She also dedicates one night per week for all her group Health coaching.

Her unique approach through her health coaching is phenomenal. She helps her clients to “crack the code to their own health and wellness.” Her belief is that there’s a reason why people are not hitting the goals that they want, which is why she decided to take a holistic approach. She teaches them the difference between primary and secondary food. The primary food includes, satisfying careers, physical activities, spirituality, and healthy relationships. Rochelle discovered that anytime there is an issue with someone’s health and wellness, or they continue the same cycle of not accomplishing their health goals, they can usually pinpoint where the problem is. That it’s something going on with one of those primary food areas. Once the issue is uncovered, Rochelle began helping her client come up with a strategy to move forward. She also develops a plan that includes the secondary foods through healthy eating.

Rochelle T. Parks is making moves as a wife, mom, and entrepreneur! She loves helping others to look and feel their best. Rochelle offered her first five steps for those who are interested in launching a Health and Wellness business.

5 Steps to Get Started:

  1. Identify your WHY!

It will keep you going when times get tough

  1. Be a product of the product!

Don’t talk about it, be about it

  1. Create brand awareness

Create into/outro, social media posts, emails, merchandise, etc.

  1. Add value to others

Be willing to bless others with your services, products, gifts, talents, etc.

  1. Be consistent

This creates trust and credibility from others.

To learn more about Rochelle, or her business, Roctrepar, visit and Rochelle T. Parks on Facebook.

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