How Tyra Lane-Kingsland Uses Various Platforms to Encourage Women to LIVE FULLY!

Tyra Lane-Kingsland is no stranger to inspiring hearts. From her role as a Women’s Ministry Leader to her former role as a performance improvement coach and facilitator for a Top Twenty Fortune 500 Company, Tyra has provided encouragement to countless people. Her desire is to help women LIVE FULLY by nurturing the mind, body and spirit. Having been recognized as a Competent Communicator by Toastmasters International, Tyra is a sought after speaker, blogger, coach and author of the book Purposeful Parenting. Tyra has written and facilitated classes on parenting and Health & Wellness. It is her assertion that health is wealth and that optimal health is achieved through proper nourishment, rest and exercise. Tyra is an attentive wife and mother of six. Having endured a tumultuous childhood but walking in victory today, Tyra knows first-hand that God trades beauty for ashes, joy for pain and a garment of praise for a spirit of heaviness. Knowing that God causes all things to work together for good, Tyra is on a passionate pursuit to see women inspired to live fully! 

She’s Making Moves wanted to learn more about Tyra and her mission to help people LIVE FULLY. She’s accepted the mission that God has placed in her heart and is making several moves to fulfill this purpose. Below, she elaborates on questions to gain more understanding of her purpose and how she is achieving it.

  1. What is your personal and ultimate mission, and what ways are you using to accomplish your mission?

My personal mission and the mission of Inspired Life are to see women LIVING FULLY in every area of their lives. It is my assertion that LIVING FULLY is achieved when we nourish the mind, the body and the spirit. I accomplish this by embracing this philosophy and living it out myself. From my own experiences, I know that we must take a holistic approach to wellness, otherwise we’ll always be missing something. Thus I am committed to bringing women relevant, practical strategies on holistic wellness.

  1. As an entrepreneur, what services do you offer?

I serve the community by speaking on wellness and on parenting. I am an author and blogger so women have continued encouragement through my books and blog posts. I am also a lifestyle coach and offer coaching services to help women master their lives so that they experience living fully.

  1. It looks like your blog encompasses who you are as a mom, wife, business owner, etc. Why did you decide to start, “Inspired To Live Fully”?

Ever since I was a little girl I have been a writer so starting a blog was a natural progression of that journey. But I will tell you that fear kept me from actually launching it. I sat on the idea for nearly 5 years before I published my first blog post. But I knew I had to get beyond my fear and carry out the work because I was given a command from God to show people how to achieve abundant living. And to this day my writing continues not only through the blog, but in the books I’ve written as well.

  1. Describe how you encourage people to “Live Fully” mind, body, and spirit (please elaborate on each).

As I mentioned, living fully is a holistic approach. Because we are comprised of a mind, a body and a spirit, each of these areas must be nurtured in order to experience abundant living. To neglect any one of those is to neglect them all. To live fully in the mind we must embrace the now moment. Too often we are dwelling on the past or trying to manufacture the future but all that’s promised is THIS MOMENT so it’s critical that we embrace all the beauty that abounds in the moment. We live fully in the body through proper nourishment, rest and exercise. In order to carry out our work, our bodies must be fit and strong to go the distance. And finally we must feed our spirit. Whether that is through prayer, meditation or other means, the spirit within must be fed. So it is when we’ve nurtured all 3, mind, body and spirit that we will then experience living fully.

  1. Do you have a specific audience that connect with you the most, or reach out to you more than others? If so, who and why?

The audience that most gravitates to me are middle ages women of various ethnic backgrounds, of which most are mothers.

  1. What platforms/resources have you provided or used to accomplish your mission to “Live Fully?”

To carry out the mission of Inspired Life I use a variety of mediums to reach my audience. Speaking is my primary mode of communication so I can be found speaking in person at area events. I also utilize Facebook Live to deliver my message and conduct cooking demos. Additionally I am on Instagram and use my blog and mailing list. I will say that it is important to narrow the scope so that you aren’t spread too thin, which is why I’m not on Pinterest or Twitter. 

  1. What would you say most people (target audience) seek your advisement for?

Most often my audience is looking for me to help them decrease frustration, worry or anxiety around particular issues of life. So whether they are frustrated in their parenting or frustrated in their health, they come to me for practical strategies on how to ease their frustrations. Additionally, they are always looking to me for new, exciting recipes. What I’ve come to learn is what’s easy and an afterthought for me in cooking is new to others, so I’ve been challenged to take what I do on a regular in my kitchen and make it available to my audience.

  1. Part of your mission is to “Live Fully” (body)…is this what led you to write your new book 30 days 30 Ways To Salad Heaven?

A few years ago, God revealed to me an eating plan that would allow me to walk in optimal health and that involved eating a salad a day. As I would post pictures of those nutrients dense colorful creations people would ask me LOTS of questions about the salads. After receiving so many inquiries, I realized I needed to compile the recipes so that my audience could have easy access to the information.

  1. What could the reader gain from reading your new book?

In my latest book, 30 Days 30 Ways To Salad Heaven, I provide readers with 30 nutrient dense salad options. No matter a person’s eating modality (Keto, Paleo, Vegan, etc) we can all agree that eating more vegetables is beneficial. And the data is clear that eating a diet rich in vegetables decreases incidences of obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure. So by partaking of the recipes in this book, readers can feel good knowing they are fueling their bodies, exciting their taste buds and opening the way for mental clarity as food directly impacts our ability to think clearly.

  1. How is being a mom helping you to fulfill your purpose?

Being a mother has been the catalyst for me to grow in my faith. And as such, that time spent with God has enabled me to discover my purpose which is to lead people out of bondage and into a life LIVING FULLY. Having children was also the vehicle that drove my desire to learn more about holistic wellness. When I was pregnant with my 1st child, I sought natural ways to nurture myself and my growing baby and that laid the foundation for Inspired Life.

Tyra further encourages women saying “as a woman who’s Making Moves, you are probably a driven high achiever. Kudos to you Sis for striving to do your best in your business, for your family and for your community. But I want you to remember that YOU matter too. And because you matter, I want you to practice self-love. It can be carried out in many forms: by treating your temple (body) with respect, by getting adequate rest, or by simply saying “NO”. Be gentle with yourself and grant yourself grace because you matter too.”

She’s Making Moves mission is to provide very specific tools to mothers to start a side hustle or full time business of their own. If you had the opportunity to speak to a mother who also has an encouraging heart, whose goal is to use their gift to encourage, but may not know the direction or how to use their gift to start a business, what 5 steps would you advise?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

  1. GET CLEAR – Carve out some time to clarify your mission and vision. Think through who you will serve and how you will serve them. Then narrow the scope. You may be gifted in many areas but what is the thing you are CALLED to do.
  2. WRITE IT OUT – Once you have a clear vision you must write it out. This helps to solidify the intent. As you’re writing things out, there will be action items and you’re more likely to carry them out if they’re written down.
  3. JUST START ALREADY – Start where you are, with what you have. If you make body products for your immediate family but you know you’ve been called to do that on a bigger scale, make a large batch to disseminate to co-workers, friends, sell out of your car at your kids sporting events. Make the labels yourself at home until you can hire a graphic designer to create the logo. Just start. You will have fear but use that fear as fuel to ignite your passion to do something!
  4. GET AN ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER – There will be days you want to give up, days you won’t feel like it, and the days when you keep putting stuff off. This is where accountability comes in. You need someone who will be firm with you, someone who will remind you of your goals and will hold you accountable to carry out what you said you were going to do.
  5. BE DISCIPLINED & DILIGENT – Inevitably there will be days when you’re discouraged or not motivated. On those days, and I promise you they will come, it will be your disciple and diligence that will carry you through. Discipline and diligence gets the necessary work done.

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